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Is Low Voltage Treatment The Missing Piece In Your Healing Journey?

Is Low Voltage Treatment The Missing Piece In Your Healing Journey?

People with chronic conditions such as autoimmune diseases or chronic pain often feel helpless and bewildered in their quest for treatments that empower them to further their wellness journey. Despite operating with good intentions, conventional medicine leaves many patients stuck on a hamster wheel of medication to manage symptoms while being left with new side effects instead of getting rid of the health problem.


While conventional medicine has plenty to offer in emergency and basic health situations, certain health conditions benefit from “root-cause” medical treatment that explores nuanced sources of a medical condition. By going deeper, patients can identify what is causing their chronic illness instead of treating symptoms and “just dealing with” their illness.


At The Tennant Institute, our founder knows the frustration of feeling captive to an illness all too well. He discovered that low cellular voltage is behind many chronic diseases, and he’s developed a protocol that includes low voltage treatment, impacting his patients’ lives worldwide. 


What Are Low Voltage Treatments?

Low voltage treatment is vital to the world-renowned Tennant Protocol that’s helped patients overcome chronic illnesses. Dr. Tennant discovered that the body’s cells are like little batteries, each contributing power to your overall function and energy. Cells can’t repair and regenerate if your cellular voltage—similar to battery voltage—is low. However, if your body can generate healthy cells with the correct voltage, your body’s ability to heal significantly increases. 


Low voltage treatments help restore and maintain wellness for just about anyone, but there are six conditions where low voltage treatments are particularly advantageous. 


What Causes Low Voltage?

Before seeking out low voltage treatments, you might wonder if you’ve been exposed to a scenario that would put you at risk for low voltage. While there are several causes, there are five main factors that lend themselves to low voltage:


  1. Dental Infections
  2. Toxins
  3. Scars
  4. Thyroid Hormone Imbalance or Complications
  5. Emotions


Do I Have Low Voltage?

The idea of low voltage might seem difficult to comprehend at first. With so many possible root causes behind your health issues, it may be hard to pinpoint if you’re experiencing low voltage when there are a myriad of other health issues.


Here are six health issues where low voltage may be to blame.


1. Emotional Trauma

Negative experiences typically cause trauma, sometimes as far back as childhood. The stress and anxiety of trauma are stored in your body, which can lower your cellular voltage. Unfortunately, unaddressed trauma, no matter how long ago it was inflicted, impacts you until it is effectively processed, released, and integrated.


2. Difficult Healing

If it’s taking a long time to heal from an athletic, car, or other type of injury, you are likely suffering from low voltage. Typically, the healing process is natural and rapid for healthy individuals, so if healing takes longer than usual, consult an integrative health doctor.


3. Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are often linked to low voltage. Many of our autoimmune disorder patients have undergone low-voltage treatments and experienced life-changing results.


4. Chronic Pain

If you experience chronic pain, you might not know that the pain is a symptom of an underlying health issue. Functional medicine practitioners are dedicated to finding the root cause of every health problem. Often, the root cause can be successfully addressed with low voltage treatment.


5. Chronic Fatigue

Our founder, Dr. Tennant, suffered seven years of chronic fatigue before discovering low voltage. His brain fog was so intense that he could no longer work even though he was operating at the height of his career. He went from being a renowned ophthalmologist surgeon to sleeping sixteen hours a day. 


Our founder created low voltage treatments from a passion not only for relieving himself of his fatigue but for bringing that relief to patients worldwide. Fatigue opened his eyes to low voltage treatments’ massive potential and power.


Chronic fatigue can include mental and physical fatigue, which leaves many patients thinking that there’s nothing that can really be done or that more coffee is the answer.  In addition to persistent brain fog, someone suffering from chronic fatigue might also experience weak muscles and poor posture. 


6. Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is a tricky condition to treat; it’s often misdiagnosed, leaving the patient to treat their symptoms incorrectly. A misguided diagnosis leaves no chance for someone to receive root cause treatment and heal. A good functional and integrative medicine doctor can help diagnose and administer effective treatments that can bring relief. Lyme Disease is linked to low voltage and a few other factors.


Find Healing Once and For All

It’s important to remember that if you feel like you’ve tried everything to heal from chronic health problems, there is still hope. The entire team at Tennant Institute is passionate about guiding our patients through their entire healing journey, from consultation to final appointment, in a way that empowers and ensures them that they’re on a path to true healing.

If you believe you might be suffering from low voltage as a root cause of other health issues, we hope you can take joy in knowing that there are options for proper healing. If you want to explore whether you’re a candidate for low voltage treatment, call our integrative medicine clinic in Dallas today at 972-580-1156 or make an appointment online.


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