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Understanding ALS: A Path to Healing and Hope


Understanding ALS Disease

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a devastating illness that affects countless individuals around the world. Despite the common belief that the diagnosis is a death sentence, recent research has shed light on a different perspective. In this blog post, Dr. Jerry Tennant discusses the mechanisms behind ALS and unveils a potential path to halt its progression and even reverse its effects.

Voltage Loss and its Consequences

Dr. Tennant explains that every cell in our body requires a voltage of 25 millivolts to function properly. However, chronic diseases, including ALS, begin when an organ loses its voltage. This loss of voltage not only disrupts the organ’s ability to function but also impairs its capacity to repair itself. Without adequate voltage, the organ becomes vulnerable to a cascade of detrimental effects.

Oxygen Deprivation and Fungal Invasion

Voltage loss leads to a decrease in oxygen supply to the affected organ, attracting fungal spores. These fungal spores attempt to break down the organ, further exacerbating the damage. Even in the natural world, when a leaf falls off a tree and loses its voltage and oxygen, fungal spores wake up and turn that leaf into dirt. Similarly, in the human body, if organs lose voltage and oxygen, fungus starts to thrive and deteriorate the affected areas.

The Liver/Gallbladder Circuit and ALS

In Eastern Medicine, the body is made up of acupuncture meridians, or energetic pathways where voltage (electrons) travels to and from different organ systems—delivering the energy & materials needed to generate new cells.

In all cases of ALS, the power supply to the spinal cord and a significant portion of the brain is associated with the liver/gallbladder circuit.

Therefore, ALS patients have experienced a significant loss of power within this circuit. Consequently, they also experience a decrease in oxygen supply and an invasion of harmful fungi. This destructive process contributes to the paralysis and dysfunction observed in ALS patients.

Restoring Voltage: A New Approach

Dr. Tennant and his team have developed a cutting-edge technology that measures the voltage in various circuits throughout the body. By identifying circuits that have lost their voltage, they can personalize care plans for ALS patients. But it doesn’t stop there. They have also identified five factors contributing to voltage loss and collaborated with multiple specialists to address these factors comprehensively. By correcting the underlying issues, voltage can be restored, leading to oxygen replenishment and the eradication of harmful fungi.

The results of applying this novel approach to ALS care are promising. With approximately 25 ALS patients addressed using this approach, the majority have experienced either a cessation of the disease’s progression or a remarkable improvement in their condition. By restoring voltage and subsequently kick-starting the healing process, individuals are provided with newfound hope and opportunities for a better quality of life.


ALS has long been perceived as an incurable disease with a grim prognosis. However, the insights from Dr. Jerry Tennant’s research provide a glimmer of hope for those grappling with ALS. By understanding the role of voltage loss, oxygen deprivation, and fungal invasion, we can begin to explore innovative therapeutic strategies. The journey towards healing and recovery is now within reach, offering renewed optimism to ALS patients and their loved ones.

By shedding light on the underlying mechanisms of ALS and introducing a unique approach to care, Dr. Tennant’s work presents a promising avenue for further exploration and scientific advancement. As we continue to unlock the secrets of this devastating disease, the potential for groundbreaking breakthroughs and improved patient outcomes grows. With collaboration and continued research, we can strive towards a future where ALS is no longer a debilitating diagnosis, but rather a challenge that can be overcome.

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