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Your Individualized Care Plan

How does The Tennant Institute determine the type of care you need?

When you seek care at the Tennant Institute, Dr. Tennant recommends commencing your journey with a comprehensive two-day exam. This thorough examination includes evaluations of your muscle battery packs, dental checkups to detect any shorts in the circuits, assessments of emotional baggage, examinations of structural issues, cranial nerve evaluations, and toxin analysis.

These evaluations provide valuable insights into which organs have lost their power supply, aiding in the identification of potential areas of concern to address.

Following the initial exam, the Tennant Institute offers a range of ongoing sessions and therapies tailored to your specific needs.

Depending on your physical fitness level, you may fall into one of the following categories:


If you are an athletic individual requiring a check-up, the two-day exam will be instrumental in evaluating your overall health and well-being. Because you are active in your daily life, you are already charging your "muscle battery packs" with voltage regularly, so we will make sure your body is in proper alignment to store and utilize all that voltage you generate!


If you experience ongoing fatigue and are often too tired to exercise (AKA, recharge your cells), the two-day exam will serve as a foundational assessment. Additional therapies such as addressing dental infections, emotional clearing, brain retraining, IV treatment, microcurrent therapy, and addressing toxin exposure might be suggested to propel your path to recovery.

Chronically Ill

Individuals who find themselves too sick to exercise or are injured may require a three-week intensive therapy program. Comparable to hospitals, the Tennant Institute boasts advanced equipment valued at $250,000 to aid those in need of targeted care. We will work with you one-on-one to find the best treatment option for you and your needs.

Meet Our Practitioners

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Dr. Chase Faldmo, D.C.

In his practice, he treats body systems using techniques with scalar energy, frequencies, soft tissue and lymphatic work, traditional manipulation, as well as low-force chiropractic therapies using SOT and Activator. Dr. Faldmo has also trained in Restorative Breathing Techniques with Lois Laynee on increasing the brain’s oxygen levels.

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Felicia Garrett

For nearly 10 years, Felicia has worked as an Emotion and Body Code Practitioner and Transformational Life Coach during which she worked with many to release trapped emotions and give clients insight into the behind-the- scenes effects of their emotions and mindset. She is trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), and Raindrop Therapy.


Annie Addison, DNP

Annie has been personally recruited and trained by Dr. Tennant and has worked side-by-side with him, learning his life-changing methods and techniques. By combining her versatile experience with Dr. Tennant’s unique methodologies, she has proven to be a strong asset to the Tennant Institute.

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Dr. Claudia Castaño, MD

Dr. Castaño, MD is an anesthesiologist trained in therapeutic injections, a family practice doctor, and was selected and trained by Dr. Tennant in Integrative Medicine. She also serves as Dr. Tennant’s personal physician!

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