5 Reasons Your Body’s Voltage is Low

Most people believe that chronic disease, pain, and illness are lifelong sentences. What if we told you that that wasn’t true? There is a root cause to all of those ailments that can be greatly improved or eradicated by simply recharging your cells to the proper voltage. The human cell is designed to run at about -20 millivolts, but it takes -50 millivolts for your body to generate new, healthy cells. So what causes your body’s inability to generate proper voltage and in turn, operate at such a low frequency that it can no longer heal itself? In this blog, we will dive into the 5 root causes of low voltage according to the research of Dr. Jerry Tennant. Read on to learn about these key factors and how you can address these underlying causes to get back to a state of wellness.

Your Body Is A Rechargeable Battery

We first must understand how the body’s electricity works. If you look at our muscles, you will find that they are piezoelectric, meaning that when they move they generate and store electrons (voltage), just like a rechargeable battery. Those muscles are also stacked in our bodies in a very specific way, like batteries in a flashlight, and are surrounded by a thin sheath of fascia that acts as a semiconductor allowing the electrons to flow through it. This system makes up our wiring system, with each organ having its own battery pack. Like a battery, when its power drains to zero, the polarity of that system flips– preventing it from storing voltage in the future. 

When these systems fail, or the muscles can no longer create and store the necessary amount of electrons to make new, healthy cells, our organs stop functioning properly. The key question is, what caused the muscle battery packs to lose power in the first place? 

There are 5 root causes of low voltage: thyroid hormones, scars and tattoos, dental infections, emotions, and toxins. You can see how most Western medicine doctors would not even consider these 5 factors as the cause of your chronic pain or disease, which is why so many people continue to suffer. Let’s take a closer look at how each of these factors affects our overall health. 

Thyroid Health

“The importance of the thyroid hormone is that the hormone T3 controls the voltage of every cell membrane in the body and the total number of mitochondria in the body. “ – Dr. Jerry Tennant 

According to the National Institute of Health, nearly 5 out of 100 Americans ages 12 or older have hypothyroidism which means they lack the proper amount of T3 hormone in their body (which in turn means they do not have the proper amount of mitochondria in the body that act as power stations to provide ATP). This means the cells do not have the proper amount of electrons to function properly. You would think then, given how important T3 is, Western doctors would prioritize T3 thyroid tests but instead, they pay more attention to TSH and T4. So what is TSH and T4? TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is the first hormone created in the thyroid system in the pituitary gland which tells the pituitary to put out the next hormone which is T4. T4 is then supposed to be converted to T3, but that can only happen with the proper balance of zine, iodine, cortisol, progesterone, glutathione, and selenium which comes from proper nutrition. Without that balance, T4 never becomes active T3, setting off the chain reaction of low voltage in the body. The problem with standard TSH and T4 tests is they can come out normal which will tell your doctor that your thyroid is healthy when in reality you could be operating at an 80% T3 deficiency. 

Scars and Tattoos

“Even though the battery inside may have electrons, they can’t go anywhere because of the scar or tattoo.” – Dr. Jerry Tennant

The body’s electrical system is fragile and complex and only operates at peak productivity when the delicate fascia surrounding the muscles is unobstructed. What most people don’t realize is that scars and tattoos are obstructions in the fascia, meaning they create a block, no longer allowing the electricity to flow throughout the body (which enables us to create new, healthy cells). Over time, this could lead to chronic pain or illness as the body lacks the proper voltage. This can seem overwhelming as most scars and tattoos are with us for life, but the Tennant Institute has formulated an essential oil blend that used in conjunction with scalar energy, can help realign the blocked molecules caused by the scar or tattoo, allowing the voltage to once again flow through the fascia. 

Dental Infections 

“It is my belief that the primary driving force for most malignancies is a dental infection.” – Dr. Jerry Tennant 

The brain is the first thing to develop in an embryo, from there circuits travel from the brain down the body and as they travel down the body, they run through very specific teeth. This solidifies the importance of the teeth in our circuit system. When one of those teeth starts to decay or suffers an infection, this leads to a drop in voltage, sometimes up to 80%-90%. What is even more damaging, is that oftentimes a root canal or a dental surgery can lead to infection which is often undetected for years, sometimes up to 30 or 40 years with no pain or sign of the infection. This means that for years, you could be walking around with one or more circuits in your body blocked no longer allowing for healing voltage to get to your organs. It is no surprise then that the vast majority of the cancer patients treated at the Tennant Institute have had some sort of dental infection in the past. 


“That’s how emotions make us sick, by dropping the voltage in the circuit it’s hanging out in.” – Dr. Jerry Tennant 

To understand our emotion’s effect on our bodies, we must understand how our body stores both memories and emotions. Memories are processed emotions that are in tune with our body’s frequency, much like a tuned instrument. It is imperative that we process each emotion as each emotion directly affects a circuit in our body. Why is this? Well when we experience trauma or a negative emotion, it drops the voltage in that circuit. We think we are protecting ourselves by trying to forget or ignore the emotion or trauma but really what we are doing is building an impenetrable wall around it, no longer allowing for frequency to come through and dropping our voltage.

For example, if you are experiencing unresolved anger, that is going to directly affect your liver/gallbladder circuit. If you are suffering from extreme fear, that is going to affect your kidney/bladder circuit and constant worry will affect your spleen/stomach circuit. By not treating or processing negative emotions, we are directly blocking our bodies’ process of healing. Western medicine often has you believe that the mind-body connection isn’t real when in reality, our mental state could be the root cause of our pain or cancer. This is when scalar energy can be used to help process those emotions and turn them into memories that retune your body to the proper frequency. 


At the Tennant Institute, Dr. Chase Faldmo, D.C. has over 400 bottles of “digitized frequencies” that are the antidote to different toxins. Used along with scalar energy, they can help detox your body from harmful toxins. Why is this important? If you look at a toxin or bacteria like Lyme disease that hides in the cells, the only times an antibiotic can help in killing the bacteria is when it has shed its cell membrane and is in the extracellular space after it has been hiding in a cell– until that cell eventually dies from the drain of the bacteria. This process can continue on and on as no antibiotic can fully cure the patient of the disease, whereas using oxidative therapies and frequencies, you can rather easily treat Lyme disease. So in the modern age where toxins are everywhere and getting increasingly harder to avoid as they are found in everything from our drinking water to our building materials, our bodies are having to fight daily to be healthy. Yet these invasive foreign substances drain our body of its resources and damage cells faster than we can make new ones, so we are left with a body that is chronically suffering from low voltage. Luckily, that is not something we have to accept anymore!


These 5 root causes of low voltage might seem overwhelming, but that is where the Tennant Institute comes in. Our team of highly specialized practitioners will be able to investigate and measure which circuits and adjoining organs have lost their power supply, flip the polarity to get the battery pack to start recharging again, and from there, find the root cause as to why it lost voltage in the first place. We will get you on a treatment plan that will get your body restored and running at the -50 millivolts it needs to start healing and continuing to make new cells so you stay operating at the proper frequency.

Knowledge is power, and with the dedicated research and hard work of Dr. Jerry Tennant and his team of doctors, we can work towards getting you back to a life without chronic pain or illness. 

Thank you for being a part of the Tennant Community!

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