Upcoming Events

Tennant's Integrative Health Conference

The Tennant’s Integrative Health Conference focuses on the Science.  The How and Why of Healing is Voltage™.  What does it take to make a new healthy cell?

This is a three-day in-person conference to teach you the importance of having good voltage.

Why we need voltage and how we are losing our voltage.

Irving, TX
February 22nd-24th 2024
April 18th-20th 2024

Tennant's Master Conference

Come join Dr. Tennant and his team at the Tennant Institute to give you a “day in the life…” view of how they incorporate the Healing Is Voltage ™ process and techniques.

This Master Class is only held once a year and you must be a device owner and have attended a basic integrative health conference to attend. More details about the topics and logistics are below.

Virtual on Zoom