Tennant Institute offers a holistic medical approach that uses physics to heal naturally. Located in Irving, Texas. Unable to travel? We offer Telemedicine appointments! 

Combining the best of Eastern & Western Medicine to restore and maintain your health

Our body and cells need a specific amount of energy (or voltage) to work. Without proper voltage, your body can’t heal. 

We use physics to heal you naturally. 


Below are signs your voltage may be low. 

Click on each for more information, and schedule an in-person or telemedicine appointment today. It's not too late to get back to the life you want. 

Meet Dr. Jerry Tennant

How do you describe a Renaissance man?

Genius, scholar, inventor, humanitarian, innovator, healer, teacher, entrepreneur, historian — these are just a few of the terms that describe Dr. Jerry Tennant whose remarkable life, dedicated to healing and innovation, has changed the paradigm of western medicine.

Today, people travel from around the world to consult with the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Tennant also teaches and lectures worldwide for Senergy, the exclusive distributor of his patented Tennant BioModulator® PLUS and PRO. These FDA accepted, non-invasive devices are designed to offer healthcare professionals and home users affordable drug-free and user-friendly options for the indicated use of symptomatic relief for chronic, severe and intractable pain; as well as adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain. The countless thousands of success stories and testimonials of patients’ recovery and pain reduction are phenomenal.

What we do: 

Personalized care for you.

We care about your healing journey and will use knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine and special tools including the Tennant BioModulator® and Tennant BioTransducer® to restore and maintain your health. Our special team of health staff will evaluate your needs and recommend a health protocol for you.  

Our Process

The videos below explain exactly how a full energy evaluation and treatment are performed at the Tennant Institute. We also offer a'la carte services if you are unable to commit to a full evaluation at this time. 


Do you have enough voltage in your system for your body to heal?  At the Tennant Institute, we determine this by doing baseline testing of your overall voltage, the performance of each polarity, and a test to measure how your body is processing heavy metals.   This gives the doctors information on what physical challenges your body is facing when it doesn’t have the underlying power to operate and regenerate healthy cells. 

Using Physics to Heal

Using physics to return your body to the range of voltage to heal is achieved by correcting your polarities with a Tennant BioTransducer, and recharging with the FDA accepted Tennant  BioModulator.  This device is used with simple hand-grips and foot-plates that effectively deliver frequency voltage into your system.  The devices used daily is key in keeping your body in a healing state. 

Discovering Solutions

Once the doctors have determined your overall voltage measurements, they then begin the investigation of why your voltage dropped.  There are five areas we focus on that consistently will cause a drop in body voltage: dental infections, thyroid and hormone imbalance, emotional energy, scars and toxins.  During your time at the clinic, you will meet with Dr. Faldmo to investigate and resolve these issues that often serve as the root cause of disease.  

Learn from our health staff

Dr. Tennant and the other health staff at The Tennant Institute have put together numerous videos to discuss different conditions and what the clinic can do to assist. Please explore these videos and contact us when you are ready to start your health journey. 

Words from our health team:

Dr. Jerry Tennant

"When traditional medicine could not heal me from an infection that put me in bed for seven years, I pursued every measure of healing I could find to heal myself.  That is how my journey with Eastern and Western medicine began.  I've spent the past 25-years sharing these healing techniques."

Dr. Claudia Castano

“Dr Tennant’s protocol, thyroid misbalancing is one of the components that needs to be addressed and corrected in chronic disease.”

Dr. Chase Faldmo 

"I work daily to continue
Dr. Tennant’s legacy.  His healing theories are what  saved me from a life-threatening illness at the age of seventeen."

Don't know where to start?

Contact us so we can help you figure out where you should start on your healing journey.