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How To Heal After A Car Crash


How To Heal After A Car Crash

If you’ve recently been in a car crash and it’s taking a long time to heal, there is hope. At the Tennant Institute, we’re constantly in awe of the body’s capability to heal rapidly from illness or injury, including car crashes. When the body’s systems are in harmony and your immune system is optimized, healing should be a relatively fast process. We’ve found that certain considerations not taken by traditional doctors could be the key to healing after a car crash. 


Over the years, we’ve discovered that a common reason that it takes longer than expected to heal after a car crash is something called low voltage. Low voltage is at the root of many health difficulties and isn’t a problem many people are aware of. 


What Is Low Voltage?

The concept of voltage is rooted in the knowledge that every cell produces energy from electrochemical reactions. Depending on the cell’s voltage, these electrochemical reactions can produce energy and promote health and balance within the body. Human cells should run between 20 and 25 millivolts (mV) to function at their highest ability.


When cells’ voltage goes lower than 15 mV, it indicates that cells are in an unhealthy state. As a result, unwanted health conditions can become chronic, including lingering pain or issues from a car crash. Low voltage is a foundational root cause of all health problems, so if you want to increase the rate at which you heal after a car crash, you’ll want to increase your cells’ voltage.


What Causes Low Voltage? 


There are five causes of low voltage to consider when pursuing healing after a car crash.


  1. Dental Infections

Did you know that your teeth act as circuit breakers for your entire body? Not only do they help you chew, but they help distribute energy. If your teeth are infected, they cannot perform their functions, impeding their ability to distribute energy properly. If you have low voltage, dental infections caused by root canals, extracted teeth, amalgams, and crowns could be the culprit.


  1. Scars

Scars often act as an energy blockage, preventing the cells from receiving the right amount of voltage.


  1. Emotions

Emotional trauma and turmoil can make healing after a car crash more difficult. Whether it’s the emotion brought on by the crash itself or stored-up emotions that haven’t had the chance to properly resolve, any emotion that is “stuck” actually drains your energy and voltage.


  1. Thyroid

If your thyroid isn’t optimized and functioning at its best, it can block energy transfers between cells. Every cell has thyroid receptors on its surface, making a well-functioning thyroid critical to healthy cellular voltage. 


  1. Toxins

Unfortunately, we’re constantly exposed to toxins that have the potential to harm our bodies, lower our energy, and stand in the way of healing and staying in balance. Different harmful toxins are chemical, microbial, metal, or airborne.


How Can You Increase Your Voltage To Heal After A Car Crash?

Certain functional medicine treatments and lifestyle changes provide an increase in voltage. Some changes you can make on your own; others will benefit from the guidance of an experienced and trusted professional. 


Different ways to increase your cellular voltage include:


  • Increasing intake of green, leafy foods high in spirulina
  • Spending time in natural sunlight
  • Gardening or doing some kind of work in the soil
  • Microcurrent therapy
  • Being in nature 
  • General exposure to fresh air and wind
  • Consistent exercise
  • A balanced diet
  • Drinking alkaline water


How Functional Medicine Helps You Heal After A Car Crash

At the Tennant Institute, we understand how frustrating it is to feel like you’ve never fully recovered from an injury. We use functional and integrative medicine techniques to develop a tailored treatment protocol for you. Our approach is different from today’s traditional medicine practices, which unfortunately suffer from high patient load and low resources—resulting in an average doctor’s visit lasting all of seven minutes. Seven minutes is hardly enough time to fully understand a patient’s complex biology and history. 


Traditional medicine also leans on western medical practices and western medical practices only. Eastern practices, combined with the technology of western medicine, are a powerful combination in helping a patient identify the root cause of any disease or injury that they’re suffering from—including car crash healing. While western medicine offers significant innovations in prolonging life expectancy and emergency care, patients miss the value of eastern medical wisdom, which could provide a valuable piece of the healing puzzle.


For example, suppose you suffer from a back injury after a car crash. In that case, a traditional doctor will likely prescribe painkillers and physical therapy depending on the nature of the injury. If you continue to feel discomfort in your back, you’ll likely continue to cover the symptoms with the help of painkillers. While the medication offers temporary relief, the true cause is never fully addressed.


We believe this robs patients of a life free from pain and discomfort, which is why we apply specialized treatment techniques developed by our own Dr. Tennant to help our patients heal after a car crash—or from any other disease or injury. 


If you’d like to learn more or want to set up your consultation, please call us at 972-580-1186 to begin your healing journey.


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