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Selecting Functional Medicine In Dallas: What You Need To Know

Selecting Functional Medicine In Dallas: What You Need To Know

Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment with more questions than you arrived with? 


Do you find yourself experiencing the same health issues over and over again? 


Are you tired of medicating the symptoms of an illness or injury instead of connecting with whole healing and vitality?


You are not alone if you say yes to any of these questions. Today’s healthcare system has become inundated with more patients, traditional doctors’ cannot meet everyone’s needs. The people practicing traditional western medicine find themselves burned out and overwhelmed; their initial intentions of helping patients live a better life are undermined by bureaucracy and insurance policies. 


The healthcare system that most people turn to for health advice often treats surface symptoms, not the root cause of an illness or discomfort. This leaves patients in a cycle of pharmaceutical dependency and blocks them from living a truly vital, energetic life. 


That’s why at The Tennant Institute, we are passionate about providing an alternative to healthcare. Our health clinic provides functional medicine in Dallas and empowers our patients to embrace vitality. We provide our patients the tools they need to become the number one advocate for their health. 


What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine in Dallas is different from traditional medicine because it treats the root cause of the illness instead of medicating symptoms. A fitting metaphor would be tending to a garden. If you see weeds in your garden and pull them up only by the leaves above ground, your garden will look better, albeit temporarily. The weeds will inevitably grow back, tarnishing your garden’s appearance and potentially inflicting harm on wanted plants.


Conversely, if you get your gardening tools out and pull weeds out by their roots, the likelihood of them growing back decreases significantly. Your garden is now growing in an environment that allows it to thrive.


The same goes for illness and injury. As an example, we can examine the recent epidemic of depression and anxiety affecting almost every modern society according to recent surveys and statistics. If a patient walks into a traditional medical doctor’s office with symptoms of anxiety or depression, they’ll likely be prescribed a benzodiazepine (highly habit-forming) or an antidepressant. Depending on the patient, medication might be an appropriate intervention.


However, medication for mental health is never the be-all treatment. It simply serves to pull the weeds from the leaves in the garden. These issues often stem from complex sources, and a Dallas functional medicine doctor commits to examining the root system beneath the surface. 


They might ask questions such as: Is there unaddressed trauma? Are there opportunities to change the patient’s diet? Would supplements help? What is the patient’s lifestyle? Is the patient in a career or domestic situation that doesn’t ultimately serve vitality and joy?


Functional medicine doctors in Dallas will explore these questions and more to design a treatment plan that empowers the patient to reach their health goals while not becoming dependent on a traditional healthcare system that is largely unable to deliver root-cause healing.


How Does Functional Medicine In Dallas Treat Illness & Injury?

Dallas functional medicine doctors combine the best of western and eastern medicine to deliver holistic, root-cause medical treatments for any patient’s health conditions. You’ll experience in-depth testing and thorough consultation to explore your history, lifestyle, and the health goals you want to achieve. 


Once your Dallas functional medicine doctor has gathered enough information to understand your health needs from a holistic view, they’ll work with you to design a treatment plan. Treatment plans can involve cutting-edge technological applications, lifestyle changes, emotional support, supplement protocol, and more. 


When searching for functional medicine in Dallas, you deserve one hundred percent confidence that you’re working with an experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate doctor who can deliver what you need to achieve your health goals.


The Tennant Institute Difference 

At the Tennant Institute, we’re passionate about empowering our patients to experience the joy of root-cause healing. While there are a few options when searching for functional medicine in Dallas, we have experience and knowledge that makes us stand out as a go-to choice when looking for the best in Dallas functional medicine.


The Doctor Tennant Health Protocol

Our founder, Dr. Tennant, was driven to functional medicine after his long and intense healing journey. Originally a world-renowned ophthalmologist, he suffered significant health problems at the hands of ill-informed health practices of the time. The health issues it caused were severe, eventually sending him down a path of intense research. 


What emerged on the other side is currently sought by people worldwide looking for lasting healing and relief from underlying health issues: the Tennant Health Protocol, Dr. Tennant helps patients learn how to generate healthy, high-functioning cells so they can heal from the inside out. The passion and specialized knowledge at The Tennant Institute make us a top choice for anyone seeking functional medicine in Dallas. 


If you’re ready to start a transformative healing journey, please call 972-580-1156 to schedule your consultation today.


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