Emotions and electromagnetic fields health connection

How Emotions And Electromagnetic Fields Impact Your Health

How Emotions And Electromagnetic Fields Impact Your Health

Your emotions and electromagnetic field have a profound effect on your health. If you suffer from chronic pain, autoimmune disease, or any other chronic illness, keep reading to learn more about the relationship between your emotions and health – all the way down to an atomic level.


What Is An Electromagnetic Field?

Every atom or body of atoms has its own electromagnetic field, resulting from a moving electric charge emanating from the body. A magnetic field is produced when the body’s electric charge is in motion. 


Because every atom or body of atoms has its own electromagnetic field, your body creates an electromagnetic field that can span up to six feet outside of your body. This is why in-person contact has the power to be rejuvenating – or depleting, depending on the circumstance. 


Think about it: you have someone in your life that you can’t wait to hug as soon as you see them. Spending time with them makes you feel “lighter,” and they’re always a breath of fresh air when you’ve felt “weighed down.” The lighter effect is a direct result of their electromagnetic field, which is likely buzzing with emotional coherence (when the heart aligns with all systems and the individual is operating from compassion and love).


Conversely, you’ve had experiences where you felt strange or put off by someone you’ve met. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but it was undeniable that their presence was not enjoyable to you. That’s because of their electromagnetic field and incoherence, demonstrating the fascinating connection between emotions and electromagnetic fields. 


How Are Your Emotions Related To Electromagnetic Fields?

Our founder, Dr. Jerry Tennant, points out,


“Our emotions are stored in the body’s magnetic fields very much like a DVD writer uses a magnetic needle to write images on a platter. That’s how our memories and emotions are stored in the body.”


Our emotions carry with them a frequency, hence “feeling like a weight’s been lifted” or “feeling the weight of the world.” If a heavy emotion is being stored in your body without release, symptoms of disease, literally dis-ease, have a higher chance of developing. 


Dr. Tennant goes on to point out, 


“The magnetic field is a reflection of all the information that’s stored in the electromagnet, so in humans, our magnetic field goes out about five feet or so. If I walk up close to you and I enter inside that five feet space around you, I’m actually walking through your memories, but of course, I don’t have the receptor to read them. On the other hand, if I bump into one of your emotions, it’s very much like I’m walking down a sidewalk, and there’s a gust of wind that hits me in the face. So, if I’m paying attention, I can actually feel myself bump into one of your emotions. Because emotions are frequencies, they can be tuned with scalar energy and sound, so if I apply either one of those to that emotion, I will actually tune it back into a frequency that is in tune with your body. What I’ve done is tune an emotion into being just a memory.”


What’s more, stuck emotions cut off circuits in your body. Fear is connected to the kidney and gall bladder circuit, causing a disruption in balance and functioning – and that’s just one example of the relationship between emotions and electromagnetic fields.


When you consider how profoundly influential your emotions are, the case for wellness starts to build urgency.


How Does Voltage Affect Your Health?

When we speak about emotions, electromagnetic fields, and health, we arrive at the destination of cellular voltage. 


Because every atom and every cell has an electric frequency, it needs voltage to run. Low voltage in the body affects cellular functioning and can lead to chronic health conditions, including the following:


  • Lyme disease
  • Chronic pain
  • Difficulty healing (from an injury or a car crash)
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Emotional trauma


It’s important to keep your body’s voltage at an optimized level. This increases the body’s ability to create healthy cells and heal the body from the aforementioned health problems.


How Can You Increase Your Voltage? 

Increased voltage requires a holistic health approach. An integrative doctor can help you understand your unique emotions and EMF condition and your consequent voltage levels. Restoring voltage levels and your health can happen when you commit to lifestyle changes and health treatments that can be discussed with your doctor.  


How To Get Started With Low Voltage Health Solutions

It’s important to stress that conventional medicine is not currently equipped to guide and treat patients who seek health treatments related to emotions and EMF: these treatments require a holistic approach, which allopathic medicine does not yet acknowledge. 


A highly trained and experienced integrative medicine doctor will have tools to guide you through healing your body by increasing your voltage and creating coherence between your emotions and your EMF. 

At the Tennant Institute, we’ve helped hundreds of patients around the world heal from chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, unreleased trauma, and other health issues using the proprietary Tennant Protocol. If you would like to learn more about healing from chronic health issues and increasing your voltage, call us at (972) 580-1156 or book an appointment online.


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