Inspire Health Podcast: The Role Of Cellular Voltage In Health And Disease with Dr. Jerry Tennant

Learn about The Role of Cellular Voltage in Health & Disease (Inspire Health Podcast)

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Did you know that the root cause of all diseases can be traced back to your cellular voltage? How does your frequency affect things like food sensitivities, emotions, chronic pain, and even fertility? This and more is explained by world-renowned physician Dr. Jerry Tennant, inventor of the Tennant BioModulator® and integrative health practitioner on the Inspire Health Podcast with Dr. Jason Loken. 

In the podcast, Dr. Jerry Tennant details his evolution into integrative health and cellular voltage when he developed encephalitis after performing a Lasik surgery on a leukemia patient. In his research, he has identified circuits in the body that can be disrupted by procedures such as root canals, one of which he’d had. It was through that root canal that the virus that had been released from the surgery on the patient entered Dr. Tennant’s body and made its way up to the frontal lobes of his brain. A part of the brain that was suffering from low voltage due to the root canal that had made it that much more susceptible to the virus. This led to a deteriorating condition that impacted his memory, motor skills and saw him sleeping for 16 hours a day for seven years. According to him, he only had a few good hours a day to either give up or try to figure out how to heal himself, so he chose the latter. In his words, 

“I came to the idea that if I could figure out how to make one cell work, I could make them all work. And so that started me down that road. And so one of the things that I discovered that I didn’t know and wasn’t taught in medical school was that our cells are constantly wearing out and are getting injured and have to be replaced so the body is constantly replacing itself. And so you get new cells in the macula of your eye every 48 hours. The lining of your guts is replaced every three days. The skin you’re sitting in today is six weeks old. Your liver is about eight weeks old; your nervous system is eight to 12 months old. And so as things get injured to wear out, you have to make new ones.”

This quest to heal himself resulted in a comprehensive understanding of how cellular voltage directly affects every aspect of our health. Not only did he heal himself from three brain viruses, but he would also go on to write Healing is Voltage and invent the Tennant BioModulator®, thus teaching and providing the tools for people to heal themselves from chronic pain, illness, and diseases through frequency medicine. 

While on the Inspire Health Podcast, Dr. Tennant covers various ways low voltage can dramatically affect your health and ability to heal, such as gaining insight into what is required to heal cells, the underlying root of gluten sensitivity, the five major causes of low cellular voltage, and more. 

A critical point Dr. Tennant touches on in the podcast is detoxing. Detoxing has become a fad in recent years, with many believing it to be the first step in a healthier lifestyle. Still, as Dr. Tennant points out, it could be incredibly harmful to both your liver and kidneys if a person’s average voltage is less than 10. This is why at the Tennant Health Clinic, they work with scalar energy to help the body detoxify chemicals like manufactured pharmaceuticals that are foreign to the body and, therefore, nearly impossible to get out of your system without the right frequencies in place. 

Another important point Dr. Tennant addresses are emotions and their relation to frequency especially in terms to traumatic memories. Traditionally, talk therapy does not change the frequency associated with a memory whereas using scalar energy does. He goes on to explain, 

“Because these things are frequencies, they can be tuned with scalar energy. Scalar energy is put out by things like the tuning fork, or by the BioTransducer® that I had developed. So if you simply put either one of these up against the frequency of the emotion, it will tune it into a frequency that is in tune with the body. And what that means,  it’s tuned in emotion into being just a memory. So let’s assume you’re going around a curve and you have a car wreck. Next time you go around that curve, because of the emotion of the wreck, your pupils, dilate, your pulse speeds up, etc. Now, if we tune the emotion of their wreck, with scalar energy into being just a memory of the wreck, now when you go around the curve, you say, Huh, here’s where my wreck was, but nothing happens physiologically because now it’s just a memory.” 

From healing your body from trauma using scalar energy to un-blocking a circuit caused by scars, Dr. Tennant’s research has transformed the integrative health landscape. 

To hear the full interview and all he has to say about cellular voltage, you can listen to the full podcast below.

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