December 12

Inspire Health Podcast: Toxin Removal Using Scalar Energy With Dr. Chase Faldmo, D.C.


Toxin Removal Using Scalar Energy With Dr. Chase Faldmo, D.C.

In a world with ever-increasing toxicity, how does one safely detox their body, and how does utilizing physics help? Dr. Chase Faldmo discusses how to detox the body using scalar energy in this Inspire Health Podcast episode with Jason Loken. 

According to Dr. Faldmo, multiple toxins are affecting us every day. In his words, 

“There’s, you know, heavy metal toxins, aluminum, mercury, there’s chemical toxins, which are anything manmade, they take and make it extra toxic. And there’s also airborne toxins such as allergens.”

One of the biggest culprits he discusses is pharmaceuticals that contain metals and rely on liver enzymes to help break them down. The issue with this is if the body or liver isn’t already performing its best and therefore not operating at optimum frequency, those medications are not adequately broken down, leaving these harmful metals and toxins in the body. These residual toxins can lead to chronic illness, with the toxins hiding on the cellular level so hidden that commonly used microscopes won’t see them. Referencing a critical study that was done by Royal Rife in the early 1900s, Dr. Faldmo explains, 

“He found, what he did is he developed these highly detailed microscopes, and he’s put these viruses and bacteria under him, and he would use a frequency generator. He found that certain frequencies, viruses and bacteria die off. They did a study on E. coli bacteria, and actually found that they communicate via am FM radio waves. And so that’s evidence for microbial toxins; wow, these actually, they could be actually using physics against us. But the amazing thing is that you can use physics against them. And so what I’ve discovered is that when you use the physics, or when we talk in physics, we’re talking frequency, when you use the frequency method, you can address toxins at the root cause and even get down to the cellular level.”

The best way to use frequency to detox these toxins out of your body, according to Dr. Faldmo? Scalar energy. When you flip the polarity of a toxin, you get their remedy frequency and when you introduce that frequency, it cancels out the toxin. It is a direct example of the principle in physics called destructive interference. His explanation as to why he prefers scalar energy to electromagnetic energy is, 

“What I found more harmonious to the body is scalar energy. And scalar energy is a carrier wave. So electromagnetic energy goes like this but scalar energy is more of a vortex or an implosion. When it’s that type of waveform, it’s a carrier wave, meaning you can keep taking copies of frequencies and put them into the body. And it puts them into the body in a more gentle way. Because when you’re doing electromagnetic energy, if you don’t have something called biofeedback capability to it, it’s not as harmonious to the body.” 

Another critical step in the detoxification process pointed out by Dr. Faldmo, is the necessary use of a “binder.” When you use scalar energy to force the toxin out of the cell, you need a binder that will grab onto it and help your body eliminate it. His recommendation is bamboo charcoal because of its high carbon content. 

Detoxing the body is an important step in overall health and a key element in the Tennant Health Institute. If you wish to learn more about Dr. Faldmo’s work using scalar energy to help aid in toxin removal, emotional healing, and oxygen levels, then you can listen to the full podcast here

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