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What Supplements Are Good For Lupus?

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What Supplements Are Good For Lupus?

If you or someone you know has lupus, it’s not surprising that the patient would be on a quest for relief. This autoimmune disease affects people in a few different ways: skin rashes, joint erosion, and even kidney failure. Severe cases can render someone heavily debilitated. 

Traditional medicine practitioners will say that the cause of lupus is unknown, and they’re unwilling to explore root causes such as inflammation, leaky gut, cellular function, and emotional health. The result is that lupus patients find themselves in a maze of band-aid-like treatments with side effects that can do more harm than good. 

At the Tennant Institute, we have a non-traditional belief about autoimmune diseases. Through his studies and personal health crisis, our founder Dr. Tennant discovered that chronic disease is always linked to your cells’ inability to regenerate properly. He found that each cell needs a certain level of energy to stimulate activity and promote regeneration. You can learn more about his journey and the background behind Dr. Tennant’s findings here. We believe that if you’re able to generate healthy cells, your body is able to heal itself.

According to Dr. Tennant’s research, disease results from the lack of cellular voltage, complete nutrition, or toxic exposure. Autoimmune diseases such as lupus are no exception. 

If you’re suffering from lupus and are ready to take control of your health, it’s best to start with finding what supplements are good for lupus. 

We’ve gone through painstaking research to discover what makes a good supplement and what supplements are good for lupus. We’ve seen patients experience what they would call miracles because they are committed to restoring their cellular health. 

That’s why we’re sharing a list of which supplements are best for lupus so you can reverse your symptoms and take back your life.

Balancing Your Gut Microbiome: Best Restorative Supplements for Lupus

The microbiome refers to clusters of microbes that live in your body; some are harmful, and some are beneficial. When your microbiome is in harmony, so is your body. It’s responsible for 70% of immune response function and helps your body maintain overall health and wellness. Creating and maintaining harmony in your microbiome is crucial for preventing illness or starting a healing journey. 

Oftentimes a condition called leaky gut is attached to autoimmune diseases. Leaky guts occur when the intestinal lining is compromised and undigested proteins, particles, and microbes release into your body. The uncontained molecules add to inflammation, often at the root of autoimmune disorders. 

Supplements Good For Lupus & Microbiome Restoration

At Tennant Institute, we recommend quality nutrient supplements for lupus. After years of research, we created the Gut Bootcamp Bundle. These supplements reset the microbiome, creating a healthy gastrointestinal environment from which lupus patients can start their healing journey.

The Gut Bootcamp Bundle Includes:

  • Microbiome Support: Helps detox, heal, and restore the GI tract.
  • Fungal Detox: Helps promote fungal (mycobiome) balance, restoring autoimmune responses to a healthy level.
  • Probiotic Formula: Supports a healthy microbiome, essential for fighting infections and overall health. 

Removing Toxins From Your System: Best Detox Supplements for Lupus

It’s close to impossible not to be affected by environmental toxins. Unfortunately, our water, air, and food have become exposed to heavy metals, plastics, antibiotics, chemicals, and other toxins that throw off our body’s functions. If you’re ready to start a wellness journey after suffering from lupus, finding the right supplements for lupus that support a gentle detox is crucial for making foundational changes. 

Knowing that detoxification is key for vitality and energy, we’ve created detox supplements that are good for lupus, including:

Managing Mental Health: Best Stress-Relieving Supplements for Lupus

Today’s lifestyles leave little room for slowing down and connecting with ourselves, nature, and loved ones. As functional medicine doctors, we preach the power of community and support as part of regulating one’s mental and physical health. Stress can lead to many health problems, and study after study emphasizes the importance of connecting with nature and family to restore integrity to our health systems.

Lupus patients often report being in a state of heightened stress, not knowing if a symptom is going to strike at an inopportune time. Committing to mental health and wellness is a part of healing, so when thinking about what supplements are good for lupus, we knew we had to create products that support a sense of inner peace. 

Our stress-reducing supplements and oils for lupus include: 

  • Sweet Dreams Essential Oil: Better sleep is essential for recovering from stress and allowing your body to detox. Sweet Dreams is a special formula to relieve you from insomnia and other sleep-interrupting conditions so you can fully rest and restore.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: An all-purpose oil, use this to elevate your mind, reduce stress, relieve headaches, and reduce inflammation. Another plus of this oil is its anti-aging properties.

You Have The Power To Heal Yourself

We’ve seen hundreds of patients over the years make miraculous health progress. We don’t use the word “miracle” lightly; your body is, indeed, miraculous. Finding what supplements are good for lupus is a crucial piece of your healing puzzle. 

Try any of these supplements for lupus by clicking the links above, or learn more about high-quality supplements from Tennant Institute. 


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