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Dealing with Lyme Disease? Learn More about Lyme Disease Treatment Centers

Dealing with Lyme Disease? Learn More about Lyme Disease Treatment Centers

If you’re one of the two million people in America navigating Lyme disease, you might be frustrated by a lack of effective treatments. Treating Lyme disease can be like playing whack-a-mole: one symptom is under control, but then another pops up. Meanwhile, your life is overtaken by managing symptoms, while things that brought you joy are thrown by the wayside. 


However, there is hope. Finding a Lyme disease treatment center specializing in root cause treatments can help you effectively manage and even wholly heal Lyme disease.


What Is Lyme Disease? 

An infectious disease spread by ticks, Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. The hallmarks of this disease include the following:

  • Either a black-legged or deer tick infected with Lyme disease causes it to spread.
  • A tick is present on the infected person for at least 36 to 48 hours.
  • It affects people who spend more time in wooded areas.


Though Lyme disease mimics autoimmune illnesses, research is still being conducted on whether it’s an autoimmune disease. Lyme manifests in various ways, making it a topic of debate and curiosity in the medical community and extreme frustration for patients.


At our Lyme disease treatment center, we’ve discovered an innovative treatment for a disease that has frankly eluded most health professionals, who leave their patients susceptible to long-term, painful syndromes.


Stages of Lyme Disease 

There are three stages of Lyme disease; identifying and treating it as early as possible reduces the risk of developing chronic Lyme syndromes later. Symptoms and severity vary from patient to patient. 


Lyme Disease Stage 1: Early Localized Disease

The most telling symptom that someone has been recently infected is a distinct bullseye rash that’s warm to the touch and about 12” in diameter. The rash usually doesn’t hurt and will eventually fade. The patient could also experience some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Chills/fever
  • Sore muscles
  • Changes in vision


Lyme Disease Stage 2: Early Disseminated Lyme Disease

Occurring months after the tick bite, this stage is marked by the following Lyme disease symptoms:

  • Stiff neck
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle, tendon, and bone pain
  • Droopy face or facial palsy
  • Intense headaches
  • Possible Lyme carditis, which causes irregularities in the heart rhythm
  • Numbness, tingling, and meningitis


Lyme Disease Stage 3: Late Disseminated Lyme Disease

If the disease hasn’t been effectively treated in the first two stages, it will develop into the third stage, which includes the following Lyme disease symptoms:

  • Pervasive arthritis of one or more large joints
  • Impaired cognitive functioning, such as brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and inability to follow conversations
  • Numbness in arms or legs


What Are Lyme Disease Treatments?

Traditionally, Lyme disease is treated with a round of antibiotics. However, the number of Lyme patients who experience chronic Lyme syndromes strongly indicates that we need a better approach to Lyme disease treatment. With over two million people seeking post-Lyme treatments, we saw an opportunity to open our doors as a Lyme disease treatment center that could offer hope to a growing population.


What Is a Lyme Disease Treatment Center?

Lyme disease treatment centers focus solely on helping patients recover from the painful and debilitating symptoms of Lyme and post-Lyme disease. Where your general practitioner might know very little about the disease, attending a specialized center gives you the advantage of technical knowledge and help. Your chances of relief and healing increase, opening the door to a fulfilling life.


Some Lyme disease treatment centers, like ours, might offer a variety of specialties that overlap. For example, we’ve used our innovative low-voltage treatment technologies to help people heal from autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses such as Lyme. 


The Best Treatments For Lyme Disease: Root Cause Treatments

Many people continue to suffer from post-Lyme syndromes because their doctors are treating the symptoms. Lyme symptoms are wide-ranging, complex, and pervasive, and symptom-only treatment is largely ineffective and insufficient.


Our Lyme disease treatment center was founded on the principles of functional medicine. Our founder is a world-renowned medical doctor, innovating treatments in multiple fields. However, he expanded to functional medicine through his harrowing healing journey and quickly discovered a key difference between functional and traditional medicine:


Functional medicine treats health conditions at the root cause, increasing the chances for a patient to heal fully and completely.


Root Cause Healing For Lyme Disease

Dr. Tennant discovered that treating cellular voltage is one of the most effective ways to deliver root-cause Lyme disease treatment. He found that your cells are like little batteries. When they’re fully charged, they’re able to support your body in healing, producing energy, and staying healthy. 


However, if your cellular charge is low or out of balance, your body cannot heal, produce energy, or stay healthy. Low cellular voltage is a root cause factor underlying all Lyme disease and syndrome symptoms, making low voltage treatments one of the most influential and revolutionary Lyme disease treatments available.


Getting Started at Our Lyme Disease Treatment Center

Are you ready to reclaim vitality and energy with breakthrough treatments that have helped thousands worldwide? We invite you to take the first step in discovering what low-voltage therapies can do to enhance your health and help you overcome Lyme disease at our treatment center by calling us. 

You’ll speak with one of our friendly, compassionate, and professional team members who are passionate about the mission of our Lyme disease treatment center: to help our patients reclaim their lives. Call us at 972-580-1156 or book a consultation online.


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