5 Reasons Your Body’s Voltage is Low

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Most people believe that chronic disease, pain, and illness are lifelong sentences. What if we told you that that wasn’t true? There is a root cause to all of those ailments that can be greatly improved or eradicated by simply recharging your cells to the proper voltage. The human cell is designed to run at […]

Healing with Voltage: Healing for Chronic Health Conditions

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Healing with Voltage: Healing for Chronic Health Conditions  Suppose you have specific health concerns that your doctor cannot effectively treat. In that case, you might be suffering from a little-known health condition that eludes the majority of health professionals.  However, once the root cause of this specific health condition is appropriately diagnosed, it could change […]

A Detailed Look At The 5 Factors Of Low Voltage

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The following blog post is taken directly from a Senergy Facebook Livestream with Dr. Jerry Tennant. Watch the video below! The 5 Factors of Low Voltage The muscles in our body are piezoelectric rechargeable batteries, but what does that funny word piezoelectric mean? If you take a piece of quartz and squeeze it with a […]