Virtual Appointments

If you can’t travel to Texas, don’t worry! Our clinic offers various functional medicine services via remote video call appointments.

Toxin Evaluations & Elimination

Dr. Chase Faldmo, D.C. can work with you remotely to have samples sent to our clinic for toxin identification. He will identify which toxins may be causing you issues and can send you detoxification treatments via the mail.

Cranial Nerve Sequencing

Dr. Chase Faldmo, D.C. can guide you via Zoom call on how to test your cranial nerve functioning. Exercises are then done during the appointment and videos of exercises are sent so that a person can retrain their body from the comfort of their home.

Emotional Release Sessions

Emotional Release Specialist Felicia Garrett will work with you over Zoom call to clear emotional blockages in the body that may be causing mental and physical pain and/or illness.

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