We understand that it may be difficult (or impossible) to travel to Irving, Texas to meet the doctors at the clinic in person. If this is the case, we offer many of our services over Telemedicine. These offerings are regulated under HIPAA and Texas Medical board regulations. We are happy to assist you to get well from the comfort of your own home! Please watch our videos.


Dr. Chase Faldmo explains how Telemedicine offerings can work for you! ⬇️

Cranial Nerve Sequencing (CNS)

Dr. Chase Faldmo explains how he offers Cranial Nerve Sequencing (CNS) through Telemedicine.

Toxin Elimination

Dr. Chase Faldmo explains how he offers consults on dealing with Toxins through Telemedicine.

How we can help

Treatment at the Tennant Institute

The doctors at the Tennant Institute believe that if your body can consistently regenerate good cells, then it has the capability to heal itself.  They therefore believe that all conditions result from the lack of one of the following three key components, which are required to regenerate healthy cells:

Sufficient voltage

Complete nutrition

Elimination of Toxins

Areas of the body which manifest pain are often deficient in voltage.  Dr. Tennant's BioModulator® can increase the body's ability to actually produce and store energy in the area of involvement by charging the tissue in a manner similar to a rechargeable battery.  The energy concentration is increased in the stimulated areas, enhancing the tissues' inherent ability to hold voltage.  As the energy increases in the cell, the cellular function increases and pain is resolved.

Additionally, Dr. Tennant's BioTransducer® is powered by the BioModulator®.  It provides therapy that addresses the underlying cause of Pain and inflammation without drugs or invasive medical procedures.  It provides no-touch, painless therapy.  The BioModulator® transmits frequencies and voltage  that the BioTransducer® delivers on a carrier wave into the tissue through skin and bone, speeding up therapy time.

With respect to Fibromyalgia, there are likely more than one circuit experiencing low voltage.  For example, the brain which manages the nerve centers, could be affected by the Spleen, Bladder, Liver or Gallbladder circuits.

We have found that once daily key nutritional support is being used and the causes of the low voltage in all the circuits have been corrected (dental infections, scars, hormones/thyroid, toxins and emotional baggage) that Fibromyalgia typically improves and resolves.

NOTE – The BioModulator® is US FDA cleared for treating pain; prescription required; not intended for diagnosis or treatment of disease; not covered by most insurance.

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Personalized care for you.

We care about your healing journey and will use knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine and special tools including the Tennant BioModulator® and Tennant BioTransducer® to restore and maintain your health. Our special team of health staff will evaluate your needs and recommend a health protocol for you.  

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