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We are often asked. Do you treat ______?

The answer is simple. Essentially all chronic disease is characterized by low voltage. If you correct the voltage and the problems that caused the low voltage (inadequate thyroid hormone, scars, dental infections, emotional baggage, and toxins), provide the nutrients it takes to make new cells, and eliminate the toxins that damage cells as fast as you make them, people usually get better or get well.

Do you treat cancer?

We do not treat cancer. In general, medical doctors that are not oncologists or radiologists are not allowed by medical boards to treat cancer. At the Tennant Institute, our goal is to return your body to normal healthy physiology. You should consult your private physician and/or an oncologist to determine what other options you have.

Do you treat ADHD?

Like all chronic diseases, ADHD usually has low voltage in one or more of the acupuncture circuits. A common one is the spleen circuit or acupuncture meridian, which is the power supply to the adrenals.

Can Dr. Faldmo do a regular chiropractic adjustment?

Yes. He is a fully trained and licensed chiropractor and can provide all the services allowed in Texas by his license.

What other treatments does Dr. Faldmo do?

Dr. Faldmo is responsible for the musculo-skeletal issues for our patients. He also addresses scars, nutrition, and toxins.

What is the Tennant Scalar Emotional Tuning Therapy?

Russian research has shown that memories and stressful emotions are stored in the body as magnetic fields. Memories are recorded with frequencies that are compatible with health, but stressful emotions are stored with other frequencies that are not compatible with optimal health. Using scalar energy, one can tune the frequency of a stressful emotion into being just a memory.

Clear Mind Therapy - how does that work?

The Clear Mind device measures the amount of each brain frequency in each lobe of the brain and sends that data to a database at the University of Maryland. It quickly analyzes the data and returns a report with suggestions on how to retrain the brain to use the correct amount of the correct frequencies.

One can watch a video while the brain is being monitored with electrodes. If the brain is using correct frequencies, the picture and the sound are correct. If the brain attempts to use incorrect frequencies, the picture and sound dim. This trains the brain to use the correct frequencies.

What are Hyperbaric Treatments?

What does it help with?

Since the amount of oxygen that will dissolve in a liquid is dictated, at least in part, by the voltage of the liquid, almost anyone with low voltage in an organ can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen.

Can anyone do hyperbaric?

Essentially anyone that has not had a ruptured lung can have hyperbaric oxygen therapy if they are physically able to enter the tank and if they are not claustrophobic.

How long does it take?

Although we start with shorter times and lower pressure at first, sessions usually last for 60-90 minutes.

How many treatments do you need?

The number of treatments varies with each person depending a lot upon what their starting voltage is and whether they are simultaneously working to correct the voltage problem. Most centers recommend 40-hours, but we find that correcting voltage at the same time usually allows one to get the desired result with fewer hours.

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