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Presented in a large journal format with detailed color illustrations and diagrams, this companion to Dr. Jerry Tennant’s Healing is Voltage™ reference book volume for practitioners, lay professionals, and individuals on the journey path to better health. Dr. Tennant continues to offer valuable insight and helps the reader understand cancer—what is at the cause, what conventional treatments and outcomes are, and what it takes to address cancer to improve outcomes effectively. Dr. Tennant leads the reader through the topic within the Healing is Voltage™ framework of what it takes to make healthy cells and why chronic illness occurs.

Dr. Tennant includes a historical overview of cancer with research, documentation, and references to studies and outcomes. Chapters include material on the history of this disease, early diagnosis, and testing; cancer’s on and off switches, the dental connection and dental infections, thyroid, vaccines, GMO foods, scars, emotions, electron donors and electron stealers, oxygen and a summary that includes Dr. Tennant’s recommendations. 

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