"Knowledgeable staff and doctors, Incredible service with compassion and kindness. I cannot wait to go back... truly life changing!"
Jordann Whittington
"The most caring and genuine healers I've ever encountered, from the doctors to the support staff and the products - life changing! Thank you for giving me my health back!!!"
Savannah Lynn
"Dr. Tennant was so good at teaching us to use nutrition to boost voltage, that we soon realized that this was the basic first visit for our clients. Once they had a good voltage, it gave us better overall results with the homeopathics we use. Dr. Tennant teaches so clearly and so full of tips to spot trouble, that our whole clinic was helped immensely. We love Dr. Tennant."
Cindy Black
+ all the staff at Life Clinic
“What a wonderful practice! Barbara, Tamara, and Dr. Evans, it was wonderful meeting you at the Fibromyalgia Conference. Amazing people, amazing products, and amazing service. Just what the doctor ordered!”
Kawtar Alami
“This is the unseen come true. Healing with science and truth. I encourage anyone to explore and try this alternative as you will feel the healing benefits the first time. It is about energy, nourishment, and managing a lifestyle. I am very grateful to this group of people for sharing their wealth of knowledge and well-being with me and others.”
"Dr. Tennant has changed the whole health and wellness paradigm. His solid science/common sense approach to the subject opens grand vistas of opportunity for well-being. I believe him to be Divinely Inspired and pray to have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the wisdom to assimilate this knowledge so that I may share it with others."
Joe Huels
"Great training, if you are looking to make a healthy change in your life, this is a great place to start."
Martha Bowers
"Dr. Tennant has not only greatly improved my health over the past 10 years, he saved my therapy practice with his supplements and medical devices. Divine blessings to you Dr. Tennant for all you've done."
Tom Kaptain
"It's hard to define how Dr. Tennant's health discoveries and training have changed my life because they are simply such a part of me and the way I think now. I guess I could say that he gave my life a jump-start, and the initial impetus was his incredible compassion."
Brenda Shebs
“Dr. Tennant and Senergy are the absolute BEST! Our son struggled with chronic asthma for years. After one training (health) seminar we knew Dr. Tennant’s protocols and devices were the solutions we had been searching for. Not only is our son more vibrant and active now, but we have all stayed out of hospitals and doctor’s offices, as the entire family has benefited from better health! Thank you Dr. Tennant and Senergy for these life-changing tools! We are beyond grateful to have found you!”
AJ Beaber
"I am so glad I was introduced to Dr. Tennant and his view of healing. I feel like a new person, and I have energy that I never realized I had. Everyone on Dr. Tennant's team has been super courteous and helpful."
David Davenport
"Dr. Tennant's reputation is outstanding. I had been searching for answers for several years and had yet to have a doctor or specialist get to the root cause of my issues. They are kind, thorough, caring and they genuinely care about you. In just a short time I actually felt like family. For the first time in a very long time I found answers. They walked me through every step of the way in understanding the devices and the related products & supplements. I am relieved and excited to finally have solid answers and a solid protocol to regain my health.”
Kelly Hanna
"I have been using the Tennant approach to diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions for months now having attended the Introductory and Master Class offered by Dr. Tennant. The books authored by Dr. Tennant have also been instructive. The past Master Class also afforded the opportunity to treat patients with Dr. Tennant at his office. Over 25 years ago, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. Exposure to his training has complemented my training in Anesthesia, Pain Management, Functional Medicine, Homeopathy and Ozone Therapies. Fundamental to all is the necessity of energy to create a truly healing environment. Daily, I find using the BioModulator® and BioTransducer® to have expanded my treatments, enhanced patient outcomes and renewed my interest in the usefulness of TCM theory and microcurrent therapy."
Dr. Robert Banner, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRCP, London On
"My name is David Brewer and I’ve been a practicing dentist for over 40 years. I, like most people, had chronic ailments that I thought were just things one had to live with. These included sleeping issues, fatigue, sinus issues, pain from injuries, constipation and the worst being myofascial pain with accompanying trigger points in muscles. It was not until I developed arthritis in my right hand and a severe autoimmune disease that I began my search in earnest for a cure. Traditional medicine could only treat symptoms. I tried many things and all with limited success. When I discovered Dr. Tennant while surfing the internet, I knew that I had caught lightning in a bottle. I listened to all his videos I could find and scheduled an appointment. It’s been a year now and the improvements have been incredible. I would have never dreamed it possible to feel this great. All my ailments have melted away. I continue to improve even now. If you are looking to become as healthy as possible or are having health issues, you need what Dr. Tennant has put together. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Tennant and his work."
David Brewer