Dr. Tennant’s Healing is Voltage™ Scalar Book

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From Dr. Tennant:

"I wrote this book as a physician that treats illnesses primarily with electronics instead of drugs. This requires looking at the body through the eyes of physics/electronics rather than chemistry. Let’s see how we can apply this paradigm. Remember that scalar energy is the essence of life itself.

I find that all chronic disease is defined by loss of voltage and reversal of polarity in the involved organs. Finding the root cause of chronic disease requires identifying and correcting these electronic anomalies, correcting nutrition so you have the components necessary to make new cells, and removing toxins that destroy cells as fast as you can make them."

Review from Dr. Chase Faldmo DC

"For so long, many great thinkers of the past and present have wondered and theorized about how energy not only works in the universe but in our bodies. Finally, Dr. Jerry Tennant has put the puzzle pieces together that answers both the past and the present, and that answer is Scalar energy. Dr. Tennant will amaze you with this new book about how Scalar energy works and why it is relevant not only to the world but to our health. If you are looking for answers about how physics can explain how your body works, then this is a book for you."

Review from Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

"Dr. Jerry Tennant is one of the most important medical innovators of our time.  His Healing is Voltage series of books, combined with his clinical applications, are the foundation of a paradigm shift towards correcting the energetic basis of all life and health. The practical techniques which Dr. Tennant has developed to restore cellular voltage (helping support the body to heal itself even in so-called "hopeless" cases) are light-years beyond our modern symptom-based pharmaceutical medicine.

Dr. Tennant's latest book in the Healing is Voltage series, Scalar Energy: The Essence of Life, is a fascinating and mind-expanding report on his latest ongoing research. Building on his practical healing methods (explained in the previous books in the series) regarding how we can use Scalar Energy to reset the polarities of the human body's energetic "batteries" -- along with the use of electrons from Electro-Magnetic sources for recharging the cells -- Dr. Tennant in this new text has developed simple and elegant new models to explain the energetic basis for all physical existence.

This new book is a must-read for anyone interested in the transition to a new energy-based paradigm of health and healing."

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