Stress - Anxiety - Insomnia

Beat stress, anxiety, and insomnia once and for all.

Stress, anxiety, and insomnia often occur together. In many cases, they’re symptoms of the same root cause.  

Chronic stress and anxiety can have deadly, long term effects on our bodies. It’s important that everyone learn skills to help manage stress, but sometimes stress is related to a deeper health issue.

Each person’s experience of stress/anxiety/insomnia is unique, and this means trying to successfully treat these issues with generic medications and a “pill for an ill” treatment is an intervention doomed to fail.


Functional medicine can help with your stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Tennant Institute believes that health requires a holistic approach to the human body. Your emotions aren’t separate from your physical body and visa versa. For example, a gut imbalance might be causing insomnia, which then makes you feel stressed during the day, which might lead to depression as time goes on.

Our practice uses science to determine the root cause of your conditions. Because anxiety often includes hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances, testing (NOT guessing) is essential for proper and efficient treatment.

Changes to diet and lifestyle behaviors are also at the base of all our treatments.

Finally, the practitioners at Tennant Institute believe that a personal relationship with your care team is of utmost importance. Feeling isolated will only compound your stress, anxiety, and insomnia. But here, we listen to you and support you in every area of life.