Prenatal Detox

Get Healthy Before You Are Pregnant

Anyone planning to get pregnant in the near future should go through a prenatal detoxification program from Functional Health & Healing. Our practitioners pay attention to your unique body and work with you to reduce toxins that could affect your unborn child.

Recent studies show an increase in autism and ADHD diagnoses world wide, and toxins may be to blame. From heavily processed foods to synthetic chemicals in products we use everyday, modern lifestyles don’t promote toxin-free living. If these toxins remain in your body while you’re pregnant, your baby will absorb them into their system and may experience negative side effects. 

Planning on getting pregnant? Let’s do a prenatal detox. Not only will you feel better during pregnancy, but your child will start life toxin free!


Functional medicine can reduce toxins before and during pregnancy.

A typical umbilical cord analysis will show that most babies have been exposed to toxins in utero. 

Our detoxification program starts with:

● Detailed history and an engaging conversation to help clarify goals and concerns.

● Assess emotional and physical readiness to eliminate and detox.

● A physical and nutritional exam.

● Appropriate lab testing.

● A detailed food diary. You will receive a customized food plan.

● The total Prenatal Detox Program is 6 -9 months long depending each individual’s status.

To help women detoxify to protect the health of their children and future generations is something our practice feels very strongly about.