Pre-Conception Health

Get Healthy Before You Are Pregnant

Are you thinking about getting pregnant someday?  Sooner or later?

Are you concerned about your health in getting pregnant and staying healthy during pregnancy?

Are you curious about the state of your health and how that might affect your baby’s health?

If these are questions swirling around in your mind, you may want to explore the Functional Medicine Approach to health PRIOR to getting pregnant.  I am referring to both Male & Female health.

Life begins with the Sperm and the Egg.

It takes three months for the egg and the sperm to develop completely before they are ready for release and implantation.  Both carry their own complete set of genetic information.

Our genes are a world all in and of themselves.  They are HIGHLY affected by the environment in which they live.  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

The world of genetic exploration is still in its infancy.  

But some of the dots we are starting to connect point to:


1. All genes are interconnected.  They are interdependent upon each other.  So we need to pay attention to more than just a few isolated genes.

2. They are HIGHLY affected by health = greatest chance for full and efficient functioning.  And by illness = degradation and dysfunctional efficiency.

3. Genes are “hardwired” to function, Slowly, Intermediately, fast or “no SNPs found” meaning they function as cleanly as possible.  As far as I am concerned they all run according to nature and they are as perfect as they come.  We just need to clean up our bodies and environment to give them the best chance to run at their optimal capacity.


Do you want your baby’s genetic “template” to be created from a body which is out of balance and not functioning near optimal capacity?

Or do you want to give your baby the best chance at a clean, and as well functioning genetic cellular “blueprint” as you can possibly offer?

I think the answer is clear.

It takes a commitment to yourself to take the steps it takes to get educated, to actively take part in turning your maybe not so healthy habits around and getting “Ridiculously Healthy”.

Of course there are no Silver Bullet Guarantees in life.  We can get super healthy, turn ourselves around and there is still the oddball chance that something undersirable may happen.

But what we do know is that, when we:

  • Remove what is harming us
  • Replace what is missing
  • Repair the GI tract and tissues
  • Rebalance our systems

Our body has an innate power to get itself running as it was designed to do.

Functional medicine can reduce toxins before and during pregnancy.

WHY is this important for pregnancy?

We all want to give our babies the best chance at a healthy life and body that they can possilbly have.

Most of us in our society live in a polluted environment:  our air, water, food… This seriously affects our gene function and expression

Most of us live in a highly stressful world with not great stress reduction behaviors in place.   Chronic stress, not relieved, turns our systems into highly wired, anxious, sleepless and sometimes when it gets serious, not well functioning people.  Our acute stress response is essential for survival, however chronic stress creates an unhealthy environment for our genes and simply put, disables them from working effectively.