Hormone Balance

Re-regulate your body with hormone balancing

Your hormones are the body’s way of managing cell activity and behavior. Some people ask, “Isn’t that the job of the nerves?” Science shows us that both nerves and hormones are send signals through the body. Nerves send short, immediate signals throughout the body while hormones are slower but have more effect on the cells they communicate with.

When the body creates too many or too few hormones, people may feel sick. This is called a hormone imbalance.

Hormone imbalance symptoms range from irritability, loss of concentration, emotional ups, and downs, hot flashes, irregular or painful menstrual cycles… the list can go on and on. 

Certain treaments ask patients to take hormone supplements, which can be helpful, but don’t fix the underlying problem. The best way to heal a hormone imbalance is to help the body regulate hormone production in its own. Increased stress levels, diet, sleep disturbances, sedentary lifestyle, and weight gain can all affect the production, transport, and detoxification of our hormones.


The practitioners at Tennant Institute are here to figure out the root cause of your hormone imbalance. We will recommend a personalized plan of diet and lifestyle changes that can permanently reverse hormone conditions. You’ll finally be free from fatigue, inflammation, and unwanted weight gain/loss!


Reset your hormones using functional medicine.

Functional medicine looks past symptom management to heal the true root cause of your illnesses. 

This means our practitioners listen to your unique health history and your questions to determine how your unique body might be responding to various factors. Functional medicine is about yoU! 

Then we will determine the best plan forward. We may supplement your body with hormone replacement, we may recommend nutritional supplements that energize your gut, and we may also coach you on lifelong behavioral changes that will promote healthy hormone levels. 

We are your partners when it comes to your health journey.