Toxins are everywhere, and they're making you sick.

Modern living puts us in contact with millions of toxins every day with little to no chance of avoiding them. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat has become polluted. If we can’t avoid toxins, the only answer is to cleanse our bodies.

Toxins are dramatically increasing the rate of chronic illness, autoimmune diseases, and gut issues around the world.

The body becomes overwhelmed when trying to deal with:

  • “Natural” Endotoxins: These are toxins created by the body. Examples include gut microbiome imbalances, estrogen production becomes dysregulation, and excessive free radicals produced by strenuous exercise, overeating, or eating the wrong foods.

Exotoxins: ­These toxins enter the body from outside sources such as pollutants from the air, water, and food.

Autogenous Toxins: ­ This type of toxin enters the body in utero through the umbilical cord.


Functional Medicine can help rid your body of harmful toxins.

“Detoxing” isn’t just something you do after a winter cold or a bad hangover. Your body is constantly trying to rid itself of harmful substances, which means detoxification should be part of your regular health routine. 

Pay attention to foods and habits that detox your body on a daily basis. Then come to Functional Health & Healing for targeted detoxification programs that go the extra mile. You may be suffering from mold, gut, or heavy metal toxins and not even notice!

Please note, detoxifying can be harmful if you do it without preparation or medical supervision. Many of us have such a toxic load that releasing too many toxins from the tissues at once can cause serious illness. A poorly-done detox can overwhelm the liver and cause a back up of toxins to flood into the brain, kidneys, and other systems in the body.

At Functional Health & Healing, we incorporate detoxification into your overall health plan. We start by investigating your patient history to determine if a hidden toxin is causing health issues. Then labs and bloodwork fill out the story. Then your practitioner, Jerry Tennant, will decide which detox is right for you.

Of course, detoxification isn’t a one-and-done process. We are your health partners and will continue working alongside you until your body finds true healing.