New Patient Packages at the Tennant Institute

Drs. Tennant and Faldmo believe that if your body can consistently regenerate good cells, then it has the capability to heal itself.  They therefore believe that all health conditions result from the lack of one of the following three key components, which are required to regenerate healthy cells:

Sufficient voltage

Complete nutrition

Elimination of Toxins

These components are impacted by the 5 factors that contribute to low voltage. These 5 factors of low voltage are: 

Dental Infections


Trapped Emotions


Insufficient Thyroid Hormone

When you make a full body assessment at the clinic, our team will look at all 5 factors to determine which aspects of the key components are negatively impacting your health. A detailed look at the appointments are below. 

New Patient Packages Breakdown

New Patient Energetic Appointments

What's included

  • Energetic work-up including MEAD and heavy metal testing
  • Physical and energetic Exam
  • Thyroid review
  • Soft tissue and lymphatic manipulation
  • Structural adjustment
  • Toxin evaluation and Tennant-Faldmo Scalar Digital Detox™
  • Tennant Scalar Emotional Release Therapy ™
  • Protocol Education Consultation
  • Customized therapies ordered by our medical team


Don't know where to start?

Contact us so we can help you figure out where you should start on your healing journey.