Tennant Institute offers a holistic medical approach that uses physics to heal naturally. Located in Irving, Texas. Unable to travel? We offer Telemedicine appointments! 

New Patient Packages at the Tennant Institute

The doctors at the Tennant Institute believe that if your body can consistently regenerate good cells, then it has the capability to heal itself.  They therefore believe that all health conditions result from the lack of one of the following three key components, which are required to regenerate healthy cells:

Sufficient voltage

Complete nutrition

Elimination of Toxins

These components are impacted by the 5 factors that contribute to low voltage. These 5 factors of low voltage are: 

Dental Infections


Trapped Emotions


Insufficient Thyroid Hormone

When you make a full body assessment at the clinic, our team will look at all 5 factors to determine which aspects of the key components are negatively impacting your health. A detailed look at the appointments are below. 

New Patient Packages Breakdown

Package 1: Energetic Appointments

Our energetic exam is our base level package. This includes a consultation with a doctor as well as basic assessment of your body's current state and needs. 

What's included

  • 1 hour consult with a doctor
  • Protocol Consultation (specific to your health needs)
  • MEAD and Oligo Scan (to read your toxicity)
  • 4 Step Protocol (BioTransducer™ Scalar polarity reset and Tennant BioModulator™ frequency charge
  • Device Protocol Review

* call (972) 580-1156 for pricing and additional information

Package 3: Advanced Energetic Exam & Treatment (3 Days) 

Our advanced energetic exam and treatment is recommended for patients who need extra care and treatments because of their current health condition. This 3-day treatment includes everything in package 2, as well as additional treatments and supplies so that you give your body everything it needs to heal. 

What's included

  • Services included in Package 1 and Package 2
  • Consultations with multiple Tennant Institute doctors
  • 1 month supply of the basic core supplement package
  • Two Vasper exercise sessions with VonArdenne Oxygen therapy
  • Scar Treatment with essential oils*
  • Two Scalar energy crystal bed sessions
  • Vibra Therapy lymphatic stimulator
  • $250 off Dr. Tennant's Recommended Device Package

* if injections are needed for deeper scars, it is a $150 additional charge

* call (972) 580-1156 for pricing and additional information

Don't know where to start?

Contact us so we can help you figure out where you should start on your healing journey.