Functional Products

Begin feeling your best with functional medicine products that break the mold of pharmaceutical drugs. From nutritional supplements to water purifiers, the goal of functional medicine products is simple: improve the body’s ability to heal itself with as few side effects as possible.

Take some time to scroll through our list of products and see what might be beneficial to you. The next time you meet with Jerry Tennant, MSN, FNP, IFM-CP, ask her about functional products that will accelerate your health journey. Or if she’s given you product recommendations, visit this page to get the tools you need for a healthy life. Please note, Tennant Institute may receive affiliate compensation when you buy through a partner site. 

Our team has vetted these products and approve them for natural lifestyles!

Helpful Products


Buy supplements that have been approved by Tennant Institute.


An online store for natural supplements and body boosters.


Undersink reverse osmosis water purifier that's certified to create bottled-quality water.


Removes or substantially reduces all the particles, toxic ozone, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), and gases from the air in your home.


Skin care made with wildcrafted and organic ingredients that nourish your skin to give you a healthy glow.


Stimulate healing through science-backed infrared waves. It's time to relax in gentle, infrared heat.

Secondary Services We Love


Meditation is widely known to help physical and emotional wellbeing. But it can be a little daunting at first. How do you know you're meditating the right way? Is it ok if your mind drifts during a session? People often ask us questions just like these!

I have found Andy Puddicombe's app, HeadSpace, extremely helpful in getting me to commit and continue with a daily practice of meditation. From fun illustrations to easy meditation frameworks, his helpful instruction in visualized meditation is simple, profound and extremely rewarding.


Music moves the soul and can free us from stress and overthinking. Playing for change is an organization which has united musicians and community world wide. They have created beautiful video's of musicians from around the world performing popular music, all singing together while in different countries. I find listening to Playing For Change lifts my spirits and reminds me that we are all interconnected. We are all one, and love unites us all.