Tennant Institute offers a holistic medical approach that uses physics to heal naturally. Located in Irving, Texas. Unable to travel? We offer Telemedicine appointments! 

Our services:

Fatigue Clinic

The TENNANT FATIGUE CLINIC provides a Revolutionary Treatment Approach. 

We are ready to use innovative techniques pioneered by Jerry Tennant, MD to help you return to a vibrant life full of energy and vitality.

Many chronic illnesses have extreme fatigue in common...

At the Tennant Institute, we understand these all have one thing in common...


When a body doesn’t have the energy to reproduce healthy cells, any number of complications can occur, many of them difficult to heal.  

These complications include...

  • Unexplained exhaustion lasting long periods of time
  • Loss of memory and concentration
  • Headaches
  • Unexplained joint or muscular pain
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Autoimmune diagnosis

Our Customized Energy Reset Package can include...

  • Two and a half days of treatments
  • Baseline voltage measurements
  • Heavy metal testing
  • Medical examination
  • Tennant Scalar Emotional Tuning
  • Tennant-Faldmo Scalar Detox
  • Oxygen therapies
  • Supplement recommendations (separate charge)
  • Protocol for home routine
  • Prescription for Tennant BioModulator®
    and BioTransducer® (sold separately)
  • Exit exam
  • WHAT WE DO: 

    Personalized care for you.

    We care about your healing journey and will use knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine and special tools including the Tennant BioModulator® and Tennant BioTransducer® to restore and maintain your health. Our special team of health staff will evaluate your needs and recommend a health protocol for you.  

    Don't know where to start?

    Contact us so we can help you figure out where you should start on your healing journey.