Tennant Institute offers a holistic medical approach that uses physics to heal naturally. Located in Irving, Texas. Unable to travel? We offer Telemedicine appointments! 

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Tennant-Faldmo Scalar Detox®

Toxins are foreign substances that come into the body and destroy cells faster than you can make new ones.  

Addressing toxins is a critical piece of restoring the body to health.  They take multiple forms: there are microbial (viral, bacterial, etc.), airborne, chemical, and heavy metal toxins.

We help identify what is causing energetic hypersensitivities in the body and have digitized antidote frequencies to over 400 toxins.

We test each toxin and use Scalar Energy to apply these antidotes, reducing your energetic hypersensitivity.  

This method works at the physics level, which is more efficient for the body to fully process multiple toxins at once.

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digital detox


Personalized care for you.

We care about your healing journey and will use knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine and special tools including the Tennant BioModulator® and Tennant BioTransducer® to restore and maintain your health. Our special team of health staff will evaluate your needs and recommend a health protocol for you.  

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